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Cod with Chickpea Puree


Ingredients for 4 servings

For the salt cod:

  • 480g (about 1 pound) desalted and cleaned heart of salt cod
  • Fresh marjoram, to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil

For the chickpea soup:

  • 700g (approximately 4 and 2/3 cups) boiled chickpeas
  • 150g (about 1 cup) white onion
  • Rosemary, to taste
  • 1 l extra virgin olive oil to cover (about 4.2 cups)


For the smooth chickpea puree:

  1. Finely slice the onion and sauté it with a sprig of rosemary in a bit of olive oil for 1-2 minutes. Add three-quarters of the chickpeas and cook for 10 minutes (if necessary, add a bit of vegetable broth), then remove the rosemary and blend everything together while slowly adding 60g (about 4 tablespoons) of olive oil, and pass the mixture through a fine sieve.

  2. Sauté the remaining chickpeas in a bit of olive oil with rosemary and salt until they become crispy.

For the salt cod:

  1. Cut the salt cod into 4 pieces and cook it immersed in olive oil at a temperature of 58°C (136°F) for 10-12 minutes. Check the temperature with a probe thermometer.

  2. Cut the sun-dried tomato into thin strips.

To serve: Place the salt cod over the smooth chickpea puree, add the sautéed chickpeas, sun-dried tomato strips, a drizzle of raw olive oil, and fresh marjoram.

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