Salted caramel popcorn



So delicious that it will disappear in a flash, salted caramel popcorn is the sweet alternative to classic salted popcorn. Golden and aromatic, it will be a hit, with a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.  If you fancy a morish snack as you watch a film in company, don't limit yourself to just enjoying it, try making it too, with our easy recipe! All you need is sugar, salt, honey and a pinch of bicarbonate: you'll coat classic popcorn in lashings of salted caramel, turning them into precious nuggets for your friends to enjoy!

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Corn 1 cup (150 g) - for popcorn
Sunflower seed oil 4 tsp (20 g)
Sugar 1 cup (200 g)
Salted butter 3.5 oz (100 g)
Baking soda 1 tsp (4 g)
Wildflower honey 2 ⅔ tbsp (40 g)

How to prepare Salted caramel popcorn

To prepare salted caramel popcorn, add a drizzle of oil to a large deep pan with a thick bottom. Add the corn without heating 1. Heat on a high flame and cover the saucepan with the lid 2. After around 3 minutes the corn will start to pop: shake the saucepan and return it to a medium flame, shaking all the while until the corn stops popping: this will take around 10 minutes 3.

The popcorn is ready to be caramelized. Place the sugar, salted butter and honey in the same saucepan you used to cook the popcorn in (no need to wash it) 4. Cook on a high flame: the ingredients will melt together after a couple of minutes. Stir continuously with a wooden spatula 5. After a few minutes the water in the butter will start to evaporate and the caramel will produce a dense and thick foam. After around 5-6 minutes it will start to turn amber in color and become sticky in consistency: stir rapidly and continuously, then turn the flame down before adding the bicarbonate 6. Stir with the wooden spatula and a foamy mixture will start to form.

Add the popcorn immediately 7 and stir continuously to thoroughly coat it in the caramel 8. Remove from the heat and place the caramelized popcorn on a tray lined with parchment paper 9; use a spatula or wooden spoon to spread it out as it sets. As soon as the caramelized popcorn cools and crystallizes, it will be ready to enjoy 9!


Store salted caramel popcorn at room temperature, in a sealed container for no more than a few days. Vapor and humidity in the air ruins the caramel and if left in the open, the popcorn will become humid and sticky within a couple of hours.


During the caramelization process be careful not to burn yourself as the caramel is very hot. Be careful not to over do the caramel as if it darkens too much it also becomes bitter.

If you can't find any salted butter, then add half a teaspoon of salt to the caramel.