Nutella and banana mummies



Along with costumes and carved pumpkins, Halloween treats make this holiday unforgettable. Our Nutella and banana mummies are a quick and easy idea, perfect for snacking on during the spookiest night of the year. They're great to make with kids and adults alike. These sweet mummies, made with ready-to-use puff pastry, Nutella, and bananas, are super delicious... With the strips of puff pastry and the banana "eyes", you can creatively craft these adorable mummies. They're perfect for a Halloween buffet alongside these puff pastry pumpkins, our witch's finger treats, or our brain cheesecake. Or, serve them for a Halloween breakfast to share with the whole family.

Discover how easy they are to make at home and also try out these Halloween recipes:

Puff pastry 1 - rectangular roll
Nutella 3 oz (90 g)
Bananas 2 - baby
Whole milk - as needed
Brown sugar - as needed
Dark chocolate chips 12

How to prepare Nutella and banana mummies

To make the Nutella and banana mummies, first unroll the rectangular puff pastry onto a work surface. Now, cut out 6 rectangles measuring 4x2 inches 1 and with the remaining pastry, cut strips about 0.4 inches in width 2. Using a piping bag, spread the Nutella onto the rectangles, leaving a small border free 3.

Spread the Nutella evenly with a small spatula 4. Then, peel the bananas and slice them thinly 5. Place 3-4 banana slices on the Nutella, leaving a strip at the top free 6.

Brush the edges with a bit of milk 7 and layer more strips on top to form mummies 8. Trim the edges if the strips extend too far out 9.

Leave a space where you can fit two banana slices to simulate the eyes 10. Brush the surface with milk 11 and sprinkle with brown sugar 12.

Bake in a preheated oven at 400°F (200°C) for about 20 minutes. Once they're nicely golden brown, take them out 13 and let them cool for a few minutes before making the eyes. To do this, just squeeze a dot of Nutella on the bananas 14 and top with a drop of chocolate. Continue this process for all of them, and your little mummies are ready 15!

How to store

We recommend enjoying the pastries right away. Alternatively, you can store them for up to one day in a cool, dry place.


Instead of chocolate chips, create various eye designs using blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, and so on.

Instead of Nutella, you can use other spreads of your choice: hazelnut, almond, or traditional chocolate custard, or just plain chocolate.