Chantilly cream



In Italy, it is often confused with diplomat cream, while in France it’s recognized at first glance... Chantilly cream is a basic preparation widely used in pastry, not only in French pastry, and is perfect for garnishing pastries, mille-feuille or a cascade of cream puffs like chocolate profiteroles, majestic cakes like the Saint Honoré and even simple and delicious rolls like the gluten-free one since the preparation does not include ingredients from wheat. Contrary to what many Italians think, Chantilly cream is not made of pastry cream and whipped cream, but only of the latter worked together with powdered sugar and vanilla.
Created by the French François Vatel in the 17th century, Chantilly cream takes its name from the castle where Vatel was the superintendent of the kitchen. From there, it spread rapidly, probably thanks to its simple taste, ease of execution, and the elegance it brings to many desserts!

Fresh liquid cream 1 cup (250 g) - (with at least 30% fat content)
Powdered sugar 1.2 oz (35 g)
Vanilla bean ¼

How to prepare Chantilly cream

To prepare Chantilly cream, first make sure that the cream is well chilled and put a large bowl in the freezer for at least 20 minutes. When it's also well chilled, pour the cream into it 1; then slice open a vanilla bean, gently spread it with your hands, and scrape out about 1/4 of the seeds with the blade of a knife 2. Then add them to the cream 3.

Start whipping the cream with an electric mixer fitted with clean whisks, at medium-high speed 4. To avoid splashes, we opted to cover the bowl with plastic wrap, but you can also use a tall and narrow container, better if it's made of glass. Once you've reached a semi-whipped consistency 5, turn off the mixer and sift the powdered sugar directly into the bowl 6.

Turn the mixer back on, this time at moderate speed 7 until you have finished whipping the cream 8. To make sure the cream is well whipped you can do the same test as when whipping egg whites, which is to flip the bowl over without it running out. The Chantilly cream is ready to enjoy; you can also use it to fill a cake or cream puffs 9.

How to store

It is recommended to prepare the Chantilly cream at the moment; alternatively, it can be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of one hour, beyond that it tends to deflate.


To reuse the vanilla beans, already stripped of their seeds, leave them to infuse overnight inside the cream and then refrigerate it. Then strain it before proceeding with the recipe.